Strategic Visualization

Strategic Visualizationģ is a proprietary process that works at the heart of the creative process using an arsenal of visual tools to solve problems, chart a companyís future, conceptualize new products or business and supercharge engineering endeavors. It integrates computer visualization and strategic planning to address long-range issues in both the government and industry. Itís the new medium of support for achieving managementís goals. The following is a list of clients using this process.

Strategic Visualization Clients:

NASA: Glenn Research Center, Johnson Space Center, Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA Headquarters

AeroVironment - Dreamworks SKG - Los Alamos National Laboratories - Popular Science Magazine - The Port of Houston Authority - MIT - Orbital - SpaceX - Terrafugia - Texaco Deepstar Project

Services Include:

- Product Design
- Concept Development
- Information Design
- Scientific Visualization
- HiRez Photorealistic Computer Generated Still Images
- Broadcast Quality Computer Animation
- DVD and CD-ROM Production